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Art Zone: The Twelfth - Aleksandar Rafajlović

Danijela PureševićDanijela PureševićFresco and icon painters family tree Dimitrijević and Rafailović, eleven artists from five generations of Boka painting school, whose creative activity can be traced back to 1680, until the second half of the 19th century, considered the longest-running family painting workshop in Europe.

Their descendant, Belgrade artist Aleksandar Rafailović, in 2005 get engaged on a study of their work. During a decade, having visited about 80 locations in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has identified 600 icons, which is documented with 13,000 photos.

Recently, Rafajlović have set in Belgrade's ULUS gallery, complex multimedia exhibition entitled "Twelfth", brought together all the available artifacts pertaining to the activities of art workshops Dimitrijević and Rafailović, with its own artistic biography.

In this program, which is dedicated to this unique artistic and research enterprise, presenters are Alexander Rafajlović and photographer Aleksandar Milosavljević, who have been together for a decade searched and documented the creation of the fresco painting of this family, then, art historian and professor Nenad Makuljević, sculptor Zdravko Joksimović, art historian Rajka Bošković, journalists Zoran Ćirjaković, Olivera Đurđević, Savo Popović, with episodic role of multimedia artist Dragan Papić.

Editor and author: Danijela Purešević

Director: Marko Šotra

Date of first broadcast: 06/19/2015, Friday, 23:00 PM