Mediantrop broj 13

Instead of a Foreword – 5

To editors and collaborators of issue No. 5

We have a new provider and a new webmaster. We believe that we will be able to avoid provider turbulences and establish better cooperation with our programmer. We also have new web addresses: and There is a comment box after each text, so you can post your comments on the contributions of other magazine collaborators and editors. Comments are also expected on the profile of the magazine – this culturological magazine reflects culture of the region, new ideas, topics, situations, and authors. Make use of this first "regional magazine for the media and culture" in the best possible way – get involved by commenting on the texts of your colleagues; we will demonstrate how much we care about the opinions of others, different cultural milieus, the quality of expression of new culturologists and esthetes as much as about that of older, seasoned thinkers. This above all applies to the editors: if you fail to comment on your colleagues' texts in Mediantrop, then you have no place on the editorial board. From now on, collaborators will also have to take the same culturological test – either we are aware that we are participating in an exceptional culturological project or we are not.

Zorica Jevremović Munitić